In an era when the proliferation of media options is overwhelming business and government entities, the market requires not only advertising agencies who will manage brands and connect them with their audiences. The market is asking desperately for tangible results.

That is why you need us.

With over 40 years of combined experience in media, marketing, and sponsorships, and over 15 years of government contracting experience, we put our clients first and are always on-call to address their needs.

media planning

The big picture

Our comprehensive media planning enhances campaign effectiveness through the optimal mix of exposure and efficiency.

“We believe that impressions (the “currency” that Paid Media is based upon) are not all of equal value.”

With a strategic media plan developed in advance of making an investment, the “Messaging Outreach Plan” will be pre-engineered to make an impact and not be lost in the noise of a cluttered media ecosystem. Our media planning process analyzes media consumption habits, grades available media inventory for purchase, and benchmarks marketplace pricing based on current supply and demand trends.

The actual transaction of
media space

We leverage experience and relationships to procure premium inventory while guaranteeing best-in-class pricing. We have worked with many of the biggest, and smallest, media vendors in the country.

“We believe that Paid Media buying is as much art as it is science.”

We believe that the vendors we contract with are strategic business partners and we require them to provide verifiable reporting to ensure delivery and accountability. Our approach to the marketplace is why our buyers have been entrusted as media investment managers for the United States Marine Corps, John Deere, Rolex, American Express, Kraft, and other national and local brands. We are always thinking about ways to maximize the value of every impression we will buy on your behalf.

media planning

Our Mission

Plan, negotiate, and execute media and sports partnerships for businesses and government entities who are interested in expanding their reach.